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January Blues: Winter Mountain Biking

Not made it on the bike yet this winter? Here’s a few ideas for beating those January blues and enjoying winter mountain biking! So it’s cold outside, the trails are deep in mud…why venture out when the sofa and a cup of tea is calling. It’s all about finding the motivation, easier said then done, right? Here’s my tips for getting your arse off the sofa and onto that saddle!

1. Pick your moment – wait for a semi-nice day, crisp and cold is far better then wet and windy.

2. Find some riding mates, it’s much easier to be motivated if you know you will be letting others down if you don’t go out.

3. Wear appropriate clothing. Us girlies get cold quickly – it’s always better to wear more layers and then take them off when you get hot rather then too few and find you are cold. There is some great winter clothing out there and personally I wouldn’t head out at this time of year without my Howies merino base layer.

4. Choose a ‘winter’ trail to ride – trails centres are good winter choices as the trails are always ride-able whatever the weather. If you are going local, avoid field crossings and other places where your wheels are likely to get clogged up with mud – that’s just not fun.

5. Give yourself plenty of time, trails are harder going in the winter and if you haven’t been out for a few weeks build up the speed slowly. Remember the days are short, so start earlier then you would in the summer.

6. Reward yourself – you’ve earned that bar of chocolate and hot bath!

Go on get out there, it’s not that bad – promise! Been on a great winter ride? Share it with us. Tweet @ownthetrail

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