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Review: Wear Colour Women’s Ida Snow Jacket

The time had come – my well-worn Bonfire snowboarding jacket was starting to show its age (it had lasted the best part of eight winters) and so I needed to find myself a new one! I hate buying new clothes, especially expensive new clothes, so after much searching online, I was set on the Wear Colour Women’s Ida jacket.

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Going Wide! Race Face Turbine Riser handlebars

Going wide – my review of the new Race Face Turbine Riser handlebars and Truvative stem set up on my Orange 5. Would it make a difference to my riding?

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Burton Deja Vu Flying V

Buying a new board is always a moment of trepidation, can it possible live up to expectations and can it possible replace your old, well loved, dog-eared board?

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