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Gear Reviews

Buying a kids bike

Buying a kids bike

Is your child ready for their first pedal bike or maybe they have outgrown their current set of wheels?

Coleman Weathermaster 6XL reveiw

Coleman Weathermaster 6XL Tent Review

After dragging the family around numerous camping shops we eventually took the plunge and purchased a Coleman Weathermaster 6XL to replace our trusty Vango tent.

Siroko MTB Glasses

Gear Review: Siroko MTB Glasses

I’ve always struggled to find comfortable MTB glasses and I normally prefer to ride without. Could the Siroko K3S be what I was looking for?

shimano slx disc brakes

Gear Review: Shimano SLX Disc Brakes

After over 10 years of solid service my Hope Mono Minis disc brakes had started to show their age. Luckily for me the husband had a brand new pair of Shimano SLX disc brakes in the shed!

Burton snowboard

Review: Burton Deja Vu Flying V

Buying a new board is always a moment of trepidation, can it possible live up to expectations and can it possible replace your old, well loved, dog-eared board? I took the plunge and purchased a Burton Deja Vu Flying V.