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Gear Review: Siroko MTB Glasses

I’ve always struggled to find comfortable MTB glasses and I normally prefer to ride without. But when the bugs start appearing in early summer this can be problematic and painful! I’ve always been pretty reluctant to pay big bucks for a pair, as the chances of damaging them always seem pretty high! So I was interested in giving the Siroko K3S a go, at just £30 what could they offer?

Here is the product description from the Siroko website;

The Siroko K3s San Sebastián bring together the latest in cutting-edge technology with the most advanced design in a pair of athletic sunglasses. Lighter than ever, their 26 gram PC frame along with their interchangeable polarized Special TAC 1.2 lens offer any athlete the greatest performance. All mirrored styles belonging to the K3s collection count on REVO coating as well as on our DrySky ventilation system to guarantee excellent vision in any situation. This product includes PU hardshell case, microfiber pouch and replacement rubber bands for temples and nose pad.


The glasses come well packaged in a nicely deigned box. Inside the box you get both a cloth bag and hardshell case. Also included are spare arm and nose grips. Separately you get a set of clear lenses for night riding and low light conditions, all included in the price.

The fit is really nice, the glasses are really light and I barely noticed wearing them. I found them very comfortable and did not grip too tightly behind the ears (I often find sunglasses give me a headache!). They seemed to stay put even on rocky descents. The lenses offer good coverage, and I didn’t have any problems with pesky flies finding their way into my eyes! The quality of the lenses are the best I’ve ever used and I found little distortion. They provided good clarity both in the direct sunshine and under the trees.

I wore the glasses for the whole ride, something I would not normally do! I will definitely be using these throughout the summer and wearing glasses might actually become a habit! It will be interesting to see how the quality lasts in the long run, and I will update this post later in the year when I’ve given them a longer test.

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