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Review: Burton Deja Vu Flying V

Buying a new board is always a moment of trepidation, can it possible live up to expectations and can it possible replace your old, well loved, dog-eared board? I took the plunge and purchased a Burton Deja Vu Flying V.

This is the Burton marketing spiel on the Burton Deja Vu Flying V; Run after run, it just gets more and more fun. Life is full of compromise, with one exception—your snowboard. Full-tilt technology propels this super stable deck to the front of the pack. Invading super parks to back bowls with equal lust, this new addition to the Flying V™ squadron combines the freedom of rocker with the power of camber to transform you riding from enjoyable to life-changing. Add the cushioned suspension of Smooth Ride™ and you get an all-around ripper that’s fully loaded to take you further.

So what did I think?

I plumped for the 141cm (yep I’m a short-arse!) with the Burton Lexa EST bindings. It’s first outing was a nice little red piste in Vigo di Fassa, and I can say that it was love at first sight. The rocker/camber profile makes the board very easy to turn, with no-fear of catching an edge it really inspires confidence in it’s rider which is mega-important.

The second thing that I noticed was the acceleration of the board – it literally flies (making it very easy to keep ahead of your male boarding mates!) but it is still very stable at speed, so it will put a manic grin on your face without fear of pissing your pants! The board is quite soft so it’s like a puppy, always looking for features to play with and it rides over the terrain so smoothly it really pushes you to try new lines.

A quick word for the Lexa EST bindings, I had an older version of these bindings and I can say that this updated version is a massive improvement. The heel is really held in, the padding on the main strap make them really comfy to wear and the new toe straps stay where you put them – unlike the older version.

So in summery, if you are looking for a women’s snowboard that can do a bit of everything well, will put a smile on your face and not empty your bank account this is the board for you!

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