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Bath to Bristol Cycle Path: A Toddling Bike Adventure

So we have been waiting for spring to jump into action so we can get out on our bikes as a family for the first time! Well, today was the day – it was a bank holiday and the sun was shining so it was time to get peddling! We chose the Bath to Bristol cycle path for our first ever family cycling trip.

I am pretty experienced cyclist but the thought of cycling, with my own child on board, made me feel pretty nervous. Having used a baby backpack I know how a sudden movement by your backpack buddy can throw you unexpectedly into a bush – and that’s walking – so my head was full of worst case scenarios when it came to trying him on the back of a bike.

So, with that in mind, we chose a flat, car-free route for our first adventure. Luckily the little man loved his bike seat (not so much the helmet but was happier when he saw Mummy and Daddy wearing one too!) and after a few initial wobbles I soon got my balance and my fears of ending us both eased! I found going faster was easier as the bike was more stable and I almost forgot I had a small person sat behind me! Though going up hill will probably be a sharp reminder!

We took a gentle peddle along the Bath-Bristol cycle path to Bitton where there is a steam railway and an all important cafe for tea and cake! Daddy and the little man (well mostly Daddy) did some train-spotting before we headed back along the same route.

We only did about 10 miles but it was a fantastic, confidence boosting introduction to family cycling and I’m looking forward to many more adventures!

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