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How to book a DIY Ski Holiday

We have always travelled DIY on our ski holidays and post-Covid pandemic, this method of booking a holiday is becoming a lot more popular. With the unfortunate demise of many holiday package tour operators, and those remaining offering a lost less choice. Booking a DIY ski holiday could be the perfect solution for your next winter trip.

So put simply, DIY, stands for do-it-yourself, a phrase synonymous with home renovations! But in terms of a ski trip this means you organise all the separate parts holiday yourself. The flights, transfers, accommodation, ski passes and lessons are all booked independently of each other.

DIY ski holidays are great when you have to meet the needs of a diverse group

The main advantages of a DIY ski holiday are cost and flexibility.

If you are looking for a short break, or not the normal Saturday to Saturday trip, a DIY holiday is the best way to achieve this. You can also avoid the peak weekend travel times and so take advantage of lower fares, quieter airpots and smoother transfers. Meaning you get on the piste quicker!

Costs can be reduced by going direct to companies. By using independent accommodation you can often find some amazing places to stay at a fraction of the price of the major tour operators.

Travelling independently also means more choice. You can avoid the mega resorts and head off the beaten track. There are literally hundreds of ski resorts across Europe, most never visited by British tourists. We have been to some amazing places like San Domenico and Civetta that you won’t find in the brochures.

Discover hidden gems like this chalet in the Piedmont region of Italy

If something goes wrong, for an example a delayed flight, it is up to you to sort out the problem. There is no ATOL protection and you will need to rely on your holiday insurance to be compensated financially.

In peak holiday weeks it can be more expensive to travel independently. Flights get booked up quickly and tour operators are able to offer packages that include discounted places and half-price lift passes.

It is also more time consuming to research and put together the trip, so it is not for everyone!

  1. Find suitable dates and confirm the group size.
  2. Narrow down your search to a resort and start looking at accommodation. Airbnb, and Vbro are all good options but also check out the local tourist board website. It is also worthwhile checking out the nearest airport and transfer times.
  3. Book flights as soon as possible as these only ever seem to go up in price.
  4. Work out the best way of travelling from the airport to the resort. Options could include public transport, private transfers or hiring a car.
  5. Think about any additional items you might require, for example ski lessons. Also be on the lookout for any early purchase lift pass deals.
  6. Put the dates in your diary, check your passports and print out any important documentation.

DIY holidays have worked really well for us, both travelling with and without kids. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility they offer, it is harder work to organise but well worth the extra effort!

Go and start your research!

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