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Family Bucket List Challenge

The AliKats Bucket List Challenge has inspired me to think about what I would put on my bucket list. We love being outside and traveling, having a young family makes the planning all the more important but it doesn’t stop us from getting out there! It might take us a few years to tick these off but here is my ultimate bucket list.

As a family we love the coast but it’s a good couple of hours for us to get to a beach with surf. But just a 30 minute drive away is the newly opened ‘The Wave’ indoor surfing lagoon. This state of the art facility looks amazing and perfect for aspiring surfers and bodyboarders!

Boy standing on the beach in a wet suit
We love the beach!

We went to Denmark last summer and had a fantastic time and it’s really wet my appetite to explore more of Scandinavia. My dream summer holiday would be a cabin by the water where we could enjoy the stunning beaches, experience a bit of wilderness, chill out with BBQ’s and enjoy the long summer nights! Bliss.

Family pretending to be vikings
Denmark was a great taste of Scandinavia

We have been very fortunate to go snowboarding in the Alps a fair bit but never across the pond. As soon as the kids have mastered the basics (the oldest is well on his way) I would love to head to one of the resorts in BC and experience some of the famous Canadian powder! A stop in Vancouver would be cool too – such a fantastic city.

Boys playing in the snow
Snow much fun!

I love the Alps in the winter but I have never experienced them in the Summer and I can imagine that they are just as beautiful! The kids would love the lakes for paddling and messing about in and I would love to hire a mountain bike and do some of the trails. We are not lying on the beach type people so I can imagine a summer holiday in the Alps would suit us perfectly.

Boy on balance bike
We all love to hit the trails

We went to New Zealand over 10 years ago and did an epic road trip from North to South and I would love to take the kids there and show them all our favourite spots – from the hidden beaches to the stunning Milford Sound. Such a beautiful country and an outdoors way of life that, for us, would be the ultimate holiday destination – just not sure I could do the 24+ flight with a six year old and a three year old!

Driving through New Zealand - a rainbow over the road
A New Zealand road trip as a family would be epic

It will probably take us most of the decade to achieve these but it’s fun to dream big!

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