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Night Riding

I know it’s dark, cold, probably wet and there are lots a scary looking shadows waiting to pounce, but night riding can be fun, promise!

So it’s the middle of winter, about 6pm and my boyfriend announces he’s off mountain biking. Thinking he’s finally lost the plot I let him get on with it, when he returns a few hours later muddy, with a grin from ear to ear, I think to myself that I might be missing a trick!

After some questioning I discover that a whole group of them head out into the wilderness and that I should try it too. I borrow some lights from a mate and tag along for the next ride. Now it is different from riding during daylight, you have to try and focus at the end of your lights beam, without becoming distracted by it (following your own head torch beam off the trail doesn’t impress the boys!). But what is good is that you can’t see (obvious point I know) but it’s great because you can’t see that rock you normally aim for or how steep a descent is, you literally just ride what you feel. By summertime you can ride the same trails with more confidence – if you can do it at night then during the day it will be easy!

Since then it has become a weekly event, though I have to admit to being put off by the rain – well I’m a girl after all! And I’m never going to prefer night mountain bike riding to a dry trail in the daytime, but it is a great way to stay in shape during those winter months and avoid becoming a couch potato!

So get yourself some lights and find some willing mates and get out there!

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