Sunday Morning Ride – Mummy’s Time

After not being on the bike at all in 2015 I decieded that a quick Sunday morning blast was the best time to blow away the cobwebs.

Start small and local I said to myself, so picked a route I know well and holds up well in the winter – there is nothing more tiresome then mud so deep and sticky you have to walk!

It’s a lovely ride that is very up and down but nothing too massive, perfect for waking up the legs slowly after a long lay-off. No major misadventures – just one rather large puddle that resulted in frozen feet for the rest of the ride – time to invest in some winter riding boots?

The stats show 10.5 miles and more importantly 495 caories burnt to make room for one or two of those chocolate brownies I baked yesterday!

You can check out where I went on my Strava feed. Must get out on the bike more!!

Been adventurous so far in 2015? Share it with us. Tweet @ownthetrail

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